stay harder longer and have stronger erections!

(rubber band)

Here's another simple technique you can use to maintain your erection and stiffness for as long as you want.

You have probably seen or heard of cock rings before. They are being sold in many different varieties by many companies. But you don't have to waste your money on them.

The same results can be obtained simply by using a thick rubber band or a hair scrunchie. (If you don't know what a scrunchie is, just as a female. It's used by them to tie their hair into a pony tail, much like a rubber band.)

We recommend that you use a rubber band that's at least 1/8 of an inch thick. Using one that's too thin can pinch your skin, and it also breaks easily. You will find the right one in any office area, or maybe even in your desk drawer.

First, stroke or massage your penis to get it as erect as possible. Then, fold the rubber band 2 or 3 times, stretch it with your fingers and slide it down your penis till you get to the base of the penis. Slowly contract the band back to it's original size and push it as close to the base of the penis as it will go. Next, using your fingers, wrap around the base of the penis and stroke it upwards to try and get it as hard and stiff as you can.

That's it! You're ready to ride like a stallion and please your woman all night long.

A few tips and precautions:

- Don't make the rubberband too tight. Your goal is not to stop the blood flow as most may think. Instead, all you're trying to do is apply gentle pressure around the penis to keep it hard. If the rubber band feels too tight or if your penis head starts turning blue, you need to start over. Try using either a bigger rubber band or fold it less times.

- It's a very good idea to trim your pubic hair, especially around the base of your penis before you try this rubber band technique. Getting the hairs caught in the rubber band can be quite painful.

- Lastly, use your head. Don't try to cut the blood flow in your penis to get it to do what you want. If you get hurt or do permanent damage to your penis or to anything else, we won't be responsible for it.

Use the above technique at your own risk, and use good judgement.