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From: Bryan Kumar
Wednesday, 4:11 PM

In this special report, I am going to reveal a dirty little secret that some of the best marketers have used to pull in millions of dollars in profits. This simple secret has been responsible for generating combined profits in the billions, for businesses large and small.

Here's an interesting observation...

These days, most marketers have a difficult time just trying to get people to download a free ebook from their web site. It's crazy.

At the same time, other marketers are able to sell packages that cost $1000 or more. How the heck are they doing this when most others can't even give stuff away for free! This report will reveal the secret to you.

The harsh reality of the business world is that...

Out of every 100 people who delve into marketing and business, only about 5 individuals succeed. The other 95 people fail miserably.

Out of the 5 who do succeed, about 4 of them do so by putting in long hours of hard work, over several years, before they succeed.

Only one person out of every 100 marketers and entrepreneurs uses the secret strategy that I'll share with you. And by using this one secret, the smart marketers are easily able to:

  • Double, triple or quadruple sales and profits - almost overnight,
  • Cut product research, preparation and production time to the bone,
  • Virtually eliminate failure, and...
  • Dramatically increase the chances of super success!

You will be able to do the same after you learn this secret, and start using it. Because, let's face it, knowing about it is just not enough. (Out of the 5 marketers who succeed, I'm certain that about 3 of them know this strategy. And yet, only one succeeds massively because only one of them is willing to apply this strategy to his business!)

Probably one of the better known marketers/entrepreneurs who has used this strategy to pull in millions in profits very quickly is Dan Kennedy. In his book, titled "No B.S. Business Success," he talks about this strategy.

The Strategy Is Simple...

Dan Kennedy, and other smart marketers easily catapult their success rate, and their profits, simply by "stealing" successful and pre-tested marketing/business strategies!

And, just in case you're curious, Dan charges $15,000 to $70,000 - plus royalties - to write ads, sales letters and direct-mail campaigns for clients. And yes, people do pay him that much... and most of them hire him repeatedly...because the stuff he creates work!

Here's the big "secret" that most people don't know...

Dan, and other highly paid copywriters, don't create these powerful (and expensive) sales materials from scratch. Nope. That would take too much time and too much effort! They simply "steal" brilliant marketing ideas and sales materials that have worked well in the past. They just "recycle" what has been tested to work instead of wasting time by creating new stuff that could very easily flop.

Okay...imagine that you have a product with a sales letter that is converting one out of every 100 web visitors into buying customers. That means, out of every 100 people that visit your site, one of them buys from you.

Now... what if you "stole" a powerful headline from an already-tested, successful sales letter for a similar product and instantly doubled your profits -- overnight! By changing only the headline of your sales letter! And, what if you started changing other parts of your sales letter using the tested, successful sales letter and continued to double, triple, quadruple your profits! (Keep in mind that all these changes barely takes you a few minutes to do.)

Think you can handle quick and easy profit gains like these? Hey, if this strategy works for the best in the business, why shouldn't it work for you? More importantly, why shouldn't YOU use it too and see the same kind of immediate profit gains for your business?

The truth is, if you're not using this simple strategy to increase profits for your business, you're just working too hard! And, you're wasting too much time on trial-and-error.

Obviously, I'm not talking about copying someone else's sales letters word-for-word. I'm talking about taking the successful, million dollar sales letters and modeling your letters after those already-tested profit pulling powerhouses!

Applying The Strategy To Your Business

So, how can you use this simple strategy and give your business an adrenaline shot that will skyrocket your profits? Here are several ways:

  • If you haven't created a product yet, or just don't know what kind of product you should create, just look at what's already selling! Then, model yours after those, instead of guessing.
  • If you want to make your product better than your competitor's, go through the existing best-selling products in your niche. Then, pick the best parts from all of them and make yours even better! Let the previous customers tell you how to create a best seller!
  • Want to find the best traffic generating strategies? Don't waste your time and money on everything under the sun. Just go for what the big boys and girls are using. Two of the absolute best ones are Joint Ventures and Google Ad Words. Use 'em!
  • And of course, don't waste your time creating a sales letter from scratch! Even the best in the business, who get paid thousands of dollars, are "stealing" from pre-tested, successful sales letters. Do what the successful millionaires are doing, and you'll start getting the same kind of results they're getting! That's the bottom line.

Look... these days, you need to struggle and strategize just to get people to download a free ebook! It's crazy.

But, here's what's interesting... while most people can't even convince others to download something for free, there are others who are able to sell packages that cost $1000 or more. I'm sure you've seen these products, and you've probably heard the success stories.

The One Difference That Makes The Difference!

So, what's the difference between these two types of marketers? How is one group able to succeed outrageously while the other group fails miserably?

One of the main differences is obviously the quality of the sales letters! One marketer is able to sell a $997 package while the other can't even give away something for free through his web page.

Which group do you want to belong to? I'm willing to bet that you want to be part of the "$997 sales letter creators," am I right? Sure. That's what I would go with too.

Now, check this out...

What if you used those same principles and techniques that have been used to sell millions of dollars worth of products, using the exact same sales letters that have been proven to pull in the big bucks...BUT, instead of using them to sell products costing $1000, you use these same models and sales letters to sell products that cost much less... say $500, $300, or even $97...

How successful and profitable do you think your campaigns would be if you used this strategy?

That's right... you could be make incredible profits with just this one strategy alone, starting today!

The only thing left to do now is to separate yourself from the other people, and apply this powerful strategy to your business.

The Power To Generate Millions

Look... what I've shared with you above can be worth millions to you! That's the truth! But only if you put this knowledge to use.

Most people will continue banging their head against the wall and never figure out what really works for their business. You don't have to do that. Put this strategy to use right away, starting today! And I promise you, you'll see some incredible results!

And, if you'd like to get your hands on some incredibly powerful sales letters to legally "steal" from, I highly recommend that you check out this collection called "Underground Salesletters!"

If you don't know where to start, this is the best place to start. You'll be able to steal the best stuff from some of the most successful marketers in the business... people like Yanik Silver, Michel Fortin, Jo Han Mok and many others!

You can read more about this great resource by clicking on the link below...


Don't do what most people are doing. Don't start from scratch, don't waste your time, money, and energy on guesswork and trial-and-error. If you have the time and money to experiment, that's great. If not, go with what has been proven to work! That's what the in-demand, high-priced millionaire marketers are doing. They don't have the time, nor the interest, in starting from scratch.

Follow the winners and you'll start winning big. You'll be able to cut your time and effort in half and give your profits a much-deserved boost!

To your outrageous, quick and easy, success!


Bryan Kumar

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