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Jonathan Mizel
Perry Marshall

Dear Friend,

If you are interested in driving targeted visitors to your Web site, generating low-cost leads, and building a hot responsive opt-in list, here's some good news!

Now you can do any of those things - whenever you want - with our just-released e-course titled How to profit from Google AdWords.

This amazing NEW recorded program reveals insider techniques and unique, little-known strategies for generating high-quality traffic at the lowest possible price per-click (as little as a nickel).


This was just recorded and released October 7th, 2003, so you will not find these techniques anywhere else. In fact, some are just weeks old, including...

  • A no-brainer way to easily triple your keywords and capture more traffic for less money.

  • The simple modification anyone can use to boost ranking without additional cost.

  • How to test domain names, book titles, headlines, and virtually everything else!

Regardless of your business, product, or service, no matter how "niche" or how "broad" your market, this is undeniably the most powerful way to roll out new offers, establish metrics and visitor values, and generate sales and opt-in subscribers.

Comments from customers


The Google AdWord teleclinic was awesome! Using one of Perry's suggestions on broad match search improved my click-through by 30% within the first 24 hours! I also received positive results by changing single words in my ads. With these kind of results, you can count me in on your next teleseminar....hope it is soon!

Joe Chapon, Vice President

The Google AdWords Teleclinic shattered my current concepts of direct marketing. In a piercing presentation, Jonathan & Perry managed to fill my content hungry mind with example after example of the right way to use Google AdWords and the contrasting wrong way. I'm presently reviewing the accompanying PDF file and finding a number of things that escaped me the first time around. Bravo to the both of you and thank you from a newbie!

John Shull

Perry and Jonathan's teleclinic was the best investment I have ever made in my Google Adwords career. Utilizing the information they gave me, I was able to take campaigns that had been running for months at .5 to .6% click through, and improve them to .9 to 1.2% respectively. I was also able to take a campaign I could not keep above the .5% CTR minimum and increase it to 3.7%. This boosted my ad rank without spending any more money. My only complaint about the teleclinic was that it ended. I could have listened to you guys for hours. Great information. Let me know if you ever have an advanced course to share more ideas. I will be the first to sign up.

Steve Robichaud

Perry and Jonathan,

Just wanted to thank you guys for putting on such a great clinic. It definitely exceeded my expectations.

I thought I knew what I was doing with Google Adwords as I had been using it for months and had even bought a couple resources on the subject... but Perry you really took it up a level and surprised me with a couple of your strategies.

One of the strategies in particular is pure genius, it took me 10
minutes to implement and has already resulted in a very nice increase
in my Adwords traffic and at the same time has actually lowered my Adwords costs.

Thanks for sharing your secrets... They will go to good use :)

John Gorecki

  1. If you are a beginner: You'll receive instructions on setting up your account, writing your first ad, and choosing your primary keywords. Then, you discover Perry's formula for adding responsive keywords, increasing your click-through rate, and boosting rank.

  2. If you are experienced: Learn the most advanced techniques available on the topic of Google AdWords (including a few that were just developed for this program). You are guaranteed to learn something new in the program.

Of course, no matter what your experience level, you probably already know Google is your first step to launching an online promotion. It allows you to see quickly, easily, and cheaply whether your Web site will make money.

This new course teaches you how to...

  • Write killer ads: The key is in the ad copy, and we'll review successful ads, and reveal actual numbers from our case-studies!

  • Increase your clickthrough rate: There are 7 primary "response modifiers" that effect click-through rate. You'll learn which are the most effective and why!

  • Test different copy, offers, and headlines: Discover how to track each ad to make sure it's profitable. And how to "split-test" different copy, keywords, even the Web page address you show in your ad (don't underestimate the importance of these small details).

  • Get ranked higher: Learn how to get ranked above someone paying twice as much per click! This revealing strategy allows you to move from page two or three to page one!

  • Target sub-niches: Three little-known resources for generating unique keywords with little or no competition. Many of these visitors can be generated for five cents, and convert like crazy!

... and much more! We also answer questions and review case studies and techniques from our files, including:

  • How to use Google to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate sites, and make a profit on the front end: We have many clients who are using AdWords to create mini "Money Machines" that make a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month. And the best part is, there are literally thousands of these niches online, ready to be discovered by you!

  • How to use Google to test new markets: Learn what one of our clients does to make easy money; survey a special interest market, develop a sales letter, and write an e-book, all in less than a week!

  • How to use the incredible NameSqueeze technique to double your opt-in rate: Are you sick and tired of getting puny sign-up rates to your mailing list? Learn how we regularly get 20% - 50% of all visitors to opt-in, all with the very same traffic!

The cost of this recorded teleclinic is just $99. (Act quickly, you'll be able to pick it up for just $67).

You receive both the MP3 Audios (over two-and-a-half hours long), and the fully searchable PDF transcripts. You can download them to your MP3 player, or burn to a CD to listen to in the car or gym.

This product was just released October 7th, 2003, so you know these techniques are fresh and up to date.

More comments from customers

"Jonathan, you and Perry Marshall put together an extremely useful and 'learningful' teleseminar. It not only helped me find my way through the swamp of Google adwords, but gave me definite, easy-to-follow steps that took the mystery out of using such a powerful, traffic-generating system. This was worth hundreds of times the small cost of the event. Thank you for making this possible."

John Harricharan

The "How to Profit from Google AdWords" Teleseminar was excellent. It filled the information gaps that I had with Google Adwords and personally answered my questions. I studied both Perry's and your works in the past and after this teleseminar, I was able to start my own Google Campaign. The examples of ads and the undadvertised bonus that showed the "right way" and the "wrong way" to start a Google Campaign alone was worth the cost of the event. This got me started quickly. I believe everyone got their money's worth and then some. Thanks to both of you guys for teaming up to provide the best information that you could on the subject, and I look forward to your other events.

Romel Wallace

Hi Jonathan,

The teleseminar on Google strategies was one of the best I have ever heard. I would recommend it highly to anyone who wants to be successful from the word go with advertising campaigns on Google. Great job.

Sincerely yours,
Ralph Zuranski

Hi Perry & Jonathan,

Your e-course was chock full of tips that literally blew me away. Thanks for presenting this timely event!

Darryl Ruff

You receive both the MP3 Audios (over two-and-a-half hours long), and the fully searchable PDF transcripts. You can download them to your MP3 player, or burn to a CD to listen to in the car or gym.

This product was just released, so you know these techniques are fresh and up to date.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you donít agree that How to profit from Google AdWords helps you generate more leads, lowers your per-click cost, finds hidden "keyword goldmines," and makes more money, just let us know and weíll give you an immediate refund... even if itís 90 days after the event. No questions asked.

There's no risk, so do yourself a favor and pick this up now, while you are thinking about it. You'll be glad you did, and so will your bank account! Just click on the package you want below.

Respectfully Submitted,
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Jonathan and Perry

PS: Perry has only spoken publicly about his success with Google three times in his life. A $2,500 seminar, a $1,500 seminar, and the $250/month Cyberwave Coaching Club. When you think about the fact this two-and a half hour audio and PDF presentation is only $67, it's pretty amazing you can order it right now for so little.

Just use the button below...

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More comments from customers

Jonathan and Perry,

It is clear that the google AdWords program is a potential goldmine for web owners - but also a possible black hole for the advertising budget. In fact, when the program was first introduced, I threw a few hundred dollars into the google treasury with no benefit to my company, and haven't considered participating since that unpleasant experience. However, thanks to you and Perry, I now have the tools and information that I need to start again. This time, though, I know what to look for and how to tweak my ads without wasting large amounts of capital. Thanks for a very professional and valuable presentation!

Sydney Johnston

I have been in technical sales for 47 years and got so excited about using the laser approach to reaching interested prospects on the Internet, that I put a campaign together that night based on your Teleclinic. I sent folks to an obscure url address on our website and got 37 downloads of my boss' technical paper the first day (a significant spike on the website's pdf download profile). At his suggestion, I started our 2004 strategic business meeting off with a PowerPoint presentation on my trial run. Result: The company is going to divert advertising money from Overture to Google AdWords. This is going to be fun!

Gene Ort
Bryan, Texas

Because of your efforts to enlighten us with Google Adwords, a little company who's product is bought by pretty much everybody in this world called and is looking for a company to supply them with 3000 units a year. This could be a 30 - 50 million Dollar contract. I am not spending the commission quite yet, but without your tele-clinic, that company would not have known about us. I'll let you know when I land that contract and buy you a beer.

Juergen Flachowsky, CSP

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