If you want to supercharge the results-getting performance of every online ad, email sales letter, or web site you create, I have good news for you...

“Make More Money From Your Web Site With Proven, Tested Techniques & Easy-To-Follow Formulas For Creating Killer Internet Copy!”

On-Target Copy That Pushes The Right Hot Buttons & Turns Your Visitors Into 'In Heat' Cash-Paying Buyers!

Finally...The Truth About Internet Copywriting!...

“Great copy is critical to your online success...but don't be fooled by all the "old-school" books and courses on the subject. Oh, they're good at teaching copy...but there ARE some key differences in the way you write copy for the web than traditional offline marketing."

"Let me teach you what you need to know to write copy that works on the Internet!...You may just be surprised!"

Terry Dean - Former Pizza Delivery Driver

Dear Internet Marketing Friend,

If you’re wondering why your traffic is low, or why potential joint venture partners shy away from doing deals with you – maybe your Internet business has no backbone.

What do I mean by backbone? Quite honestly – the backbone of any serious, profitable Internet business is wrapped-up in a single critical skill: Copywriting.

Why? Simply because…

  • Without killer copy your traffic-driving lead generation ads and emails won’t drive the traffic you need to your site.
  • Without killer copy your web site doesn’t have a chance at selling the few visitors that DO come!
  • And without killer copy the serious joint venture “players” that you could do deals with just flat-out avoid you!

You’re Shooting Yourself In The Foot If
You Don’t Take The Importance Of
Good Ad Writing Seriously!

If your ad copy sucks, your ads won’t bring visitors…joint venture partners won’t promote you…and you’ll always be spending 10 times the time and money to get minimal results.

Listen, I talk to Internet marketers almost every day of the week – and for the most part…

The Number of Visitors That Buy From You Compared to the
Number of People That Come to Your Site Absolutely Stinks!

On top of that – they’re frustrated with the number of Joint Ventures they’re able to come-up with!…AND they’re just not getting the traffic they need from their lead-generation campaigns!

You must be tired of the dismal results you’re getting!

Let me help – if you want to write the kind of copy that makes mere visitors get stir-crazy for what you’re selling – you must read every word of this letter now…

Whether You’re Targeting and Driving Traffic, Capturing
Names To Build Your List, Or Creating Full-On Web Sites
That Sell -- The Very Most Important Thing For Any
Web Business Are The Words You Use!

The Sales Copy!


Let me be frank…

You can have all the targeted traffic you want, the most-desirable and most-problem-solving product you can create, and you still won’t make near the money you could be making IF you had the very best ad copy on your web site!

THAT is how important copywriting really is.

Does that sound like your situation…you’re not making near the money you could be making? Listen – I’ll put it to you straight – right from the hip…

Most Web Marketers Just Don’t Consider Copy To Be That
Important. In Fact, It’s The Last Thing That Crosses
Most Internet Marketer’s Minds!

But Copywriting Is The “Key Skill” You Need To Make
Sure You Succeed Consistently On The Web!

Copywriting is the very most important skill – it’s a skill you’ll use again and again, no matter what you’re selling, and no matter who you’re selling it to!

I hear people whining about how few visitors end-up buying from them all the time – well, guess what? Your sales are low for a couple of reasons:

1. Your lead generation copy (banners, emails, etc) isn’t attracting the right prospect!

2. Your web site copy just isn’t as good as it should be!

That’s it!

Those are the two biggest reasons you’re not getting a lot of visitors to buy from you!

There are many clients I work with who sell less than ½ of 1-percent of all the visitors that come to their site!… and that’s selling a low-priced product!

Now please understand…that small of a response is okay if you’re selling a five or six hundred-dollar product – but if you’re selling a $40 product you’ll be hard pressed to make any money!

Your sales rate for all products under a hundred dollars should be two to seven-percent! So if you’re not in that range – you can feel pretty certain that your copy is just not strong enough!

I said it before – I’ll say it again!…the problem is in the lead generation copy and in the web site copy! It’s all in the ad copy – the words that you use to motivate a prospect to take the action you want them to take!

This is a problem I’ve seen customers like you repeat time and time again. So what I’ve done is create a brand new product to help you get past this bump in your road to Internet wealth – it’s called:

“Million Dollar Web Copywriting”
Discover the Incredible Insider’s Secrets to Writing
Web Copy That Brings In Up to $30 Per Web Visitor!

This tape set transcripts will teach you the exact method I use for creating my own web copy!

I sat down with Fred Gleeck (a professional interviewer with over 200 interviews that he’s done like this one) and he basically interrogated me until he found out every one of my secrets for writing top-producing copy for the web.

Throughout the interview, we look at several examples of successful web copy that I’ve created. (You get all these examples as a FREE bonus!)

One of the ads you’ll see actually pulled an average of $30 per visitor to the web site. That means for every visitor I got to that site (a very targeted, qualified market) I earned an incredible $30! And the only reason it happened was because I had killer ad copy at every step in my marketing process!

You’ll learn exactly WHY this piece of copy did so well. And you’ll learn why all the examples I give you were moneymakers!

These tapes are jam-packed with rock-solid advice that will get all your web promotions generating the response you really want.

You’ll tap into my experience and learn every trick, tool and technique
I use to create win-win Joint Ventures on a consistent basis. No stone
will be left unturned!

In fact, I absolutely guarantee that “Million Dollar Web Copywriting” will make a positive bottom-line impact on all your web-based marketing right from the get-go…

You Get a No-Risk, 12 Month Money-Back Guarantee

Try “Million Dollar Web Copywriting” for the next 12 months. If after you put my proven Online Copy techniques to the test and try them for one full year, you find that it hasn’t brought you in at least TEN TIMES WHAT YOU PAID FOR IT simply return it for a complete, no-hassle refund.

And the FREE bonuses (worth $1,029) are yours to keep even if you do get your money back!

That’s a rock-solid guarantee you can count on.

And it just shows you how confident I am that I really can help you!

But you really don’t need to take my word for it – listen to what others have to say about my “Internet Copy” help and advice:

"Terry, you looked at my site for only 5 minutes...and the suggestions you made doubled my conversions immediately for twice as much profit on each visitor."
Randy Charach, www.randyreport.com, Vancouver, BC

"Terry Dean's protege class taught me how to write a sales letter for my ebook that's averaging a 6.2% conversion rate..."
Sharon Fling - http://www.localbizpromo.com

"By the way, I sent out an e-mail last night, woke up in the morning, went to my "day job," came home , checked my clickbank account and I had made $181 dollars while I was sleeping and at work (making money there too)...without lifting a finger and it wasnt even my own product! Then I checked sales of my own product on pay pal and I raked in another $327.36....plus two snail mail orders from my PO Box for an additional $133.00 Total for one day: $641.36...And I only have one product and I feel like I'm just getting started! Not to mention the fact that I haven’t even used a fraction of all the many strategies from your programs! I feel like there's a lot to look forward to!"
Tom Venuto - Certified Health-Fitness Instructor - http://www.fitren.com

"Terry, you made me make close to $1000 within 48 hours, and all I did was send out an email that took me 5 minutes to draft! You really do put the money where your mouth is when you said you can increase the profits of any web site in one hour or less! Thanks Terry! "
Jo Han Mok- http://www.SuperFastProfit.com

"I have purchased quite a few of your courses---they really are the best available on the Net, and believe me, I know. Following your instructions, my son wrote a digital book and started selling it on his web site. He has made more than $14,000 in four months. The orders keep rolling in, day and night. Not bad for his very first effort ... and he is 17 years old!"
Hakim Chishti - http://www.tractorbynet.com

"Terry Dean has taught me a tremendous amount over the three years I've known him. I swear every time I talk to Terry he comes up with a multi-thousand dollar idea for me!"
Mark Wittkowski, President, http://www.onlineautomation.com

"Within 10 days after returning home, and using the techniques I'd learned, I built a web site, set up a marketing strategy and put my plan into action. WOW! In less than 24 hours I'd made over $2,000 and got more than 100 leads! I about fell out of my chair! The principals I'd learned from Terry and Ted really worked! Believe me... the results are fast, easy and automatic."
Barbara Karnes, New York, NY

You’re going to love “Million Dollar Web Copywriting”. And the way Fred interviews just seems to bring out the very best information I’ve got in my heart (and my bank account, I might add!).

Fred and I spend a lot of time on the first couple of tapes talking about how you can understand the psychology of your target market by using the Internet to get answers to the key questions you need to create the copy that will sell them:

  • How to know what they’re thinking.
  • How to know what they’re looking for.
  • How to know what they’re desires are.

Knowing this information is invaluable – and once you learn how to leverage this knowledge (in the form of powerful ad copy that sells) you’ll be an unstoppable web wealth creator! I’ll show you how to get the answers to all these questions without going into a bunch of psycho-babble!

You’ll love the way Fred digs in there and asks all the questions… he doesn’t settle for “surface” answers. No way. He dives deep below the surface and works hard to make sure I give rock-solid answers to every single question he throws at me.

I really tell it all – just take a look at what you’ll get from “Million Dollar Web Copywriting:”

bullet How to quickly and easily come-up with dozens of offers, guarantees, and headlines without breaking a sweat! (This age-old secret works like crazy!)
bullet How I went from “the guy who used to deliver pizza with $50,000 in debt,” to the guy who is now debt-free and making a net averaging between $40,000 and $50,000 a month…all through the power of persuasive copy – and a little common sense.
bullet The “8 Myths About Copy On the Internet and the Scalding Truth About Each One” – this section of the program will blow away any ill-conceived notions you’ve gotten from other, so-called gurus who have led you astray!
bullet At last…the truth about long copy on the Internet – does it really work, or is it a complete waste of your time?
bullet Is it appropriate to use hard-selling copy on your web site – or is a soft approach always better?… find out the real scoop on this highly debated topic!
bullet The little-understood secret of giving away free stuff on the Internet – and how it could be draining your bank account!
bullet The only 2 reasons your web site should even exist!… and what to do if your web site isn’t meeting those reasons!
bullet Why having thousands and thousands of visitors isn’t always the answer to your prayers (and what to do to make sure it IS once it happens!)
bullet There are only two reasons to set-up a web site – know which reason yours is and you’ll profit like mad with your joint venture partners!
bullet How sexy, flashy graphics can actually drop your response in half! (Hey – it happened to me!)
bullet Why people will line-up and practically beg you to take their money when you’ve got the right copy for the right target audience – and get this:

They’ll Gladly Pay You Much More Than the Typical
“$50 Internet-Limit” You’ve Heard About!

bullet What does relationship-marketing have to do with copy on the Internet?…discover this secret and bank yourself a fortune!
bullet Finally…a scientifically proven, tested answer to the question:

“Should I break my web copy into several pages and have
people ‘click here to continue’…or should I go with one, long web page
of copy and make people scroll down forever and a day?”

The Answer Just May Surprise You!

bullet Is online ad copy still “salesmanship in print” or is it time to throw that old advice to the wayside. After all, the Internet is a whole different medium, right?
bullet Think you’ve got a product and killer copy to match that will make everyone in the world want to buy?…think again – you’re making one of the biggest mistakes on the planet!
bullet How to exploit your competitors weakness in a vicious – but “soft” way!

Understanding How This Is Done Will Separate You
Head and Shoulders Above Any Online
Competition You’ll Ever Have!

bullet Why understanding that the Internet is nothing more than thousands of little niches broken up in pieces can help you become a master copywriter for your own business!
bullet The three over-looked keys to making any online promotion successful (And the fact that your copy skills will determine how desirable your promotions are to your target prospect!)
bullet Trying to sell someone who “needs” your product or service? Think again…your copy can’t sell to “needs” – it can only sell to wants, IF YOU WANT RESULTS!
bullet The best way to tap into the greatest minds in copywriting history and virtually “steal their genius” for your own, profitable good!
bullet The single most important thing you must do before you sit down to write even one word of your sales message!
bullet What you can learn about web copy from a guy who can’t afford to pay their electricity bill, but somehow finds a way to make his Mercedes payment!
bullet Why what you “think” your customers want or care about doesn’t matter one iota! (And even if you’re bright enough to be a millionaire – you’ll never be able to guess at what people really want. Here’s how to find out without a lot of headache!)
bullet The “right-out-in-the-open” secret to doubling your conversion rates once you’ve gotten proven copy that works!
bullet Are Conversion Rates a Waste? Don’t waste your time getting caught-up in conversion rates!… UNLESS… you know my simple, yet elegant strategy for doing it right!
bullet The little understood strategy of “listening"… and why it may be costing you a fortune! (Make this mistake and you’ll soon be out of business – guaranteed!)
bullet Why your “profit per visitor” has more to tell you about whether your copy is working or not than your conversion rate – and what the differences are!
bullet What an “exclusionary letter” is and how I created one that netted me $30 per visitor to my web site and over $100,000 over one weekend! (…and how you can use the same principle to put your prospects in heat to buy your product or service!)

I Actually Had to Take the Copy OFF of the web site
Because I Couldn’t Take Any More Customers!

bullet How to uncover your product’s “hook”…it’s uniqueness that drives people to want it!
bullet Why selling is not telling…and…what it really is!
bullet Why my desk is completely surrounded by 25 notebooks crammed full of “how to write copy” stuff – and not one of them has anything to do with traffic generation, web site design, or email marketing! (You’re starting to see how critical copywriting is to your success… right?)
bullet The key question you must ask yourself every time before you begin to write a single word of copy – answering this question will mean the difference between your life or death on the Web.
bullet The secret technique that’ll give you a total edge over any competition – and make the difference in your on-going success on the Web!
bullet The real secret to why I speak at seminars and conferences around the country (and NO…it has little to do with backend sales or the money – it has totally to do with my copy!)
bullet Why I LOVE getting email from my customers – and how answering them and helping them has made me more money than you can shake a stick at!
bullet You’re sadly mistaken if you think you should be writing copy about your product or service…it’s just about the biggest copywriting mistake you can make!
bullet How email copy is different from web copy – and why you’d better know the difference! (Making this mistake again and you’re sure to go broke!…but understanding the differences and then USING them will give you a massive windfall in results!)
bullet How to create maximum-response-getting copy for banners, classified ads, and other forms of web marketing – and how they apply to your overall Internet marketing strategy!
bullet Learn the key differences between online and offline copywriting – these differences will mean all the difference between poor results and a gusher of money flooding your web business!

This is really just the tip of the iceberg of all the information you’re going to profit from as you go through this program over and over again.

You’ll also be privy to my exact, step-by-step system for creating web copy that works. This is the very step-by-step approach I use when I sit down to crank out some killer copy! You get it all…from the very beginning processes of researching my target markets’ mindset, through to the end where you’ll see how to use a P.S. to cinch the deal!

Each step will be covered in complete detail throughout the interview – there’ll be no stone left unturned… and you’ll end-up with all the tools and information you need to create copy that works like crazy on the web!

The “Million Dollar Web Copywriting” package is chock-full of cutting edge, Internet-specific copywriting strategies and breakthroughs.

“Million Dollar Web Copywriting” is Like Nothing You’ve
Ever Seen Before on Creating Internet-Specific Copy That
Brings In the Leads and Customers You Want!”

Quite honestly, when it comes to writing copy on the Internet, “Million Dollar Web Copywriting” completely different than anything you’ve ever seen, read, or heard before – and what’s more, I’m absolutely convinced that anybody can start creating money-making copy once they understand what this package teaches.

Million Dollar Web Copywriting” is your complete guide to creating web-copy that generates hot leads and new customers for your online or offline business. It’s all laid out for you in precise detail.

Here’s what you get with your own “Million Dollar Web Copywriting” package:

bullet Instant Download: You get the word-for-word transcripts of 5 audio cassettes jam-packed with everything you need to know to create web sites, ads, and emails that get results!

Instant Download: You get all seven samples discussed during the interview – both Fred Gleeck’s and mine! That way you can study the copy as you go through the transcripts…all the while reading and learning. PLUS…you’ll get another 148 pages of killer web site copy that you can add to your “swipe” file!

I want to let you in on a little secret: this “Swipe File” is critical to your success! I can’t tell you how much money I have invested in getting my hands on and organizing my own personal “swipe” file. Above my desk I have 2 or 3 dozen 3-inch notebooks crammed-full of direct mail letters, printed web sites, newspaper and magazine ads, postcards, and more!

Now these aren’t just ANY letters or web sites…no way! They are ALL promotions that have made money! Basically, what I’m doing is surrounding myself with truckloads of successful copy so that I can use it to brainstorm my own copy!

Having your own “Swipe File” is essential to being able to consistently come-up with fresh ideas for copy – and for brainstorming new angles, approaches, offers, guarantees, and more! Now you’ll have a instant 148+ page “jump-start” on your own killer, Internet-only copy Swipe File!


Instant Download: You get my “50 Steps to a Killer Salesletter” checklist. This thing is really, really handy to have. You’ll use it to go over your copy and make sure all the essential ingredients are there before your use it! This’ll keep your copy “in check” with what’s working on the web!

Leave out just one or two of the elements in this checklist and your response will drop. That’s why I always use this checklist on all my copy!

Now…when you order “Million Dollar Web Copywriting” you’ll also get several sweet, sweet bonuses. But before I get to them – I want to share with you…

The Most Important Lesson I Could
Ever Teach You About Web Copy…

Powerful, targeted headlines are the key to the success of any marketing piece you’ll ever create… including web sites and email promotions.


Because you only have a few seconds to grab your reader’s attention and convince them to keep reading the rest of your copy! You must learn the inside scoop on what it takes to stop them DEAD in their tracks with powerful, clear-cut, focused headlines!

On the tapes, Fred and I spend a lot of time going over how to create headlines that work. You’ll discover what’s crucial to include in every headline, what to absolutely avoid, and ethical ways to “swipe” winning headlines from other ads and sales letters.

But beyond the audio tape transcripts, I wanted to give you something “more.” Why? Because….

  • Your headline either attracts massive attention…or it doesn't.
  • Your headline either targets your specific prospects…or it doesn’t.
  • Your headline either pulls those prospects into your copy…or it doesn’t.

Headlines are so critical to your success!…in fact, the results you get are in direct proportion to the attention-getting and interest-arousing quality of your headline.

A Good Headline Can Easily Double Or Triple Your
Response -- A Great One Can Do Even Better!

That’s why I decided to put together a collection of FREE GIFTS that have only to do with creating and profiting from killer headlines! These are yours FREE (and instantly downloadable) when you invest in your own copy of “Million Dollar Web Copywriting.”

Take a look at these awesome “Headline Gifts”…

FREE Headline Gift #1: Robert Boduch’s “Great Headlines – Instantly!” (A $47 value)

This report is absolutely awesome! You’ll discover time-proven secrets to getting your headlines to make more money – check it out…

  • Why creating a powerful, irresistible headline is the most valuable thing you can do!
  • What a “headline society” has to do with your marketing – and why you’d better pay attention!
  • The 6 things really great headlines do – and why you’d better make sure every headline you create does at least four of the six!
  • A great headline makes writing the rest of your copy a breeze – find out why and change copywriting from a chore to a dream!
  • The underlying secret behind the truly great headline!
  • 22 types of headlines and how to use them to brainstorm yourself dozens of sweet, killer, targeted headlines!
  • 7 proven ways to increase the pulling power of any headline you create – even if you think you couldn’t possibly make it any better! (Trust me… pushing yourself like this WILL pay off!)
  • Six simple rules for creating captivating headlines that suck customers out of the woodwork!
  • 69 simple, but market-tested tips for creating more effective (i.e. money-sucking) headlines!
  • Seven headline formulas you can use to sky-rocket your sales…formulas that even a 6th grader could use to make money!
  • Six innovative enhancements to turn any headline into a turbo-charged, attention-getter that pulls in even more prospects and customers!
  • 6 pages chock-full of words and phrases for creating winning headlines!..plus one-page of words you should never use!
  • How to design your headlines for maximum results and added impact!
  • 13 simple design concepts that can dramatically improve the impact and results of all your headlines!
  • The smart way to use headlines in Web Sites, Banner Ads, Signature Files, Email Messages, Sales Letters, Display Ads, Postcards, Door Hangers, Classified Ads, Brochures, Envelopes, Direct Mail Packages, Yellow Page Ads, Fax Blasts, Catalogs, Business Cards, Newsletters, Press Releases, and more!
  • Plus you get Robert’s “Checklist of Effective Headline Writing”… something you can use to make sure every headline is the best it can be before you put it out to your marketplace!

This is a killer report…a whopping 191+ pages full of great advice! I want it to be yours…FREE! Now let’s take a look at another “Headline” bonus:

FREE Headline Gift #2: Robert Boduch’s “140 Easy-to-Use Tips, Techniques and Ideas for Creating Powerful, Riveting, Attention-Grabbing Headlines!” (A $47 value)

This report is 17 pages worth of solid gold!…I kid you not – use this every time you sit down to create your headlines and you’ll absolutely rock in the marketplace!

This is great stuff – take a peek at just some of what you’ll discover…

  • How great headlines evolve, and at least 13 ways you can MAKE them evolve for you!
  • 15 ways to make every headline you create even more effective!
  • Eight excellent “Idea Starters” to help you avoid brain cramp when you stare a blank computer screen right in the face!
  • Over 40 headline strategies that work, and how to make them work for you!
  • 12 ways to create words and phrases in your headline that really “ring the bell” for your prospect!
  • Fifteen sure-fire techniques you can use to create headlines that make your prospects want to do business with you and only you!
  • 23 different ways you can enhance the pulling power of any headline!
  • Thirteen killer ways to make your headlines “look good” and readable! (overlook this and you’ll lose ‘em right from the get go!)… and much, much more!

FREE Headline Gift #3: Robert Boduch’s “7 Quick & Easy Headline Formulas – Your Instant Reference Guide to Creating Dynamite, Attention-Getting Headlines!” (A $47 value)

Robert really comes through again on this killer bonus! Take a peek:

  • The “Ultimate Benefit” formula…the secret questions you need to ask to find out exactly what will make your prospects and customers buy from you!
  • The “Borrow It” approach…the way the pro’s “swipe” headline ideas from each other and how you can do it too! (But do it right…or don’t risk doing it at all!)
  • The “Brainstorm” technique – how to do it, do it right, and do it in time to meet your own deadlines!
  • The “Power-Packed Combination” technique – this really adds extra power to any single-benefit headline that you create. Robert’s simple combination-strategy really makes sense – and you’ll recognize that top marketers all over the Internet use it every day!…so it works!
  • The “Forget Your Product – Deliver the Dream” technique really cuts to the bone of what really gets prospects motivated.
  • The “Use Your Customer’s Own Words” technique is actually one of the most powerful headline approaches you can use – if you do it right! Robert gives you his “right” recipe in full detail…and it’s yours FREE!
  • The “Fill in the Blanks” formula for creating headlines that rake in the prospects and customers!you get 12 different fill-in-the-blank formats you can use! (I use these myself…I’m really happy with how it gets my “creative headline juices” flowing!)

This is a great special report…just 23 pages – but worth it’s weight in gold and then some!

FREE Headline Gift #4: Robert Boduch’s “The Ultimate Idea-Inducing, Creativity-Enhancing Sample Headline Collection! (A $47 value)

To top off your FREE package of headline gifts, I can think of nothing better than to give you over 600 samples of published headlines…headlines that copywriting experts have actually used…to help you create your own ideas! This thing is packed with headlines from copy greats like:

  • Gary Halbert
  • Eugene Schwartz
  • Brian Keith Voiles
  • Jerry Fisher
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Anthony Blake
  • Joe Vitale
  • …and more!

Consider this your “winning headlines swipe file!”

Now these headline Gifts aren’t all you’ll get…it’s just the start. But understanding and knowing how to craft killer headlines is one of the most important things you can know about web copy.

But beyond headlines…I want to do everything I possibly can to make “Million Dollar Web Copywriting” the ultimate package for your Internet copywriting success. That’s why I’m more than happy to give you $1,029 dollars worth of free bonus gifts – check out all these other sweet, sweet bonuses – they’re all yours!

FREE Gift #5: “Free Audio Revealing My Entire Copywriting Process!” (A $97 value)

You get a FREE bonus tape with me sharing my entire copy writing process and system with my protégé members – you’ll hear me go over my entire system, step-by-step, telling them exactly what they need to do to create! Plus you also get the complete transcript!

This is one of the most useful things you’ll get out of the entire “Million Dollar Web Copywriting” program. For some reason, people just find it easier to sit down and create their copy when they have a step-by-step system to follow.

Something that takes you from step one, all the way through to the last step – telling you exactly what to do. This step-by-step process will make creating your own copy a total breeze!

FREE Gift #6: “How to Take Your Copy Out of a Word Processor and Lay It Out Inside of Dreamweaver” – A Step-By-Step 7-Video Demonstration! (A $297 value)

This is something I wish SOMEONE ELSE had done years ago!

Man oh man…Word and Dreamweaver just don’t get along very well…so I decided I’d create a series of videos showing you exactly how to take your killer copy out of Word, and drop it into Dreamweaver and lay it out so that it’s a hot, selling, promotional tool!

You’ll learn:

  • How to take boring, plain-old raw text and quickly and easily turn it into a powerhouse web site selling machine using Word and Dreamweaver!
  • How to create yellow highlighting in your web site’s copy! (a little known technique that’s simple, simple, simple!)
  • How to easily import pictures and other graphics into your web site and lay them out to support the selling power of your copy!
  • How to create a “pop-up on entry”…a “pop-under” window, and a “pop-up on exit”! (And which one works the best…depending on what you’re trying to accomplish!)
  • And much, much more!…everything you need to actually get your web copy up and selling in the shortest possible time! The tips, tricks, and tid-bits you’ll learn from these videos will save you hours and hours of frustration! (you can thank me later!)

You'll receive these videos immediately by download in a Flash video format playable on any computer...IBM or Mac.

FREE Gift #7: “A Hard-Hitting Q&A Session With Brian Keith Voiles!” (A $150 value!)

Yep…believe it or not

I Got Brian Keith Voiles On The
Phone And Then I Grilled His Butt!

For the past few years, Brian Keith Voiles has been sort of elusive. But through a very good mutual friend of Brian and mine (Kirt Christensen), I was able to convince Brian to spend some time with me on the phone.

Now maybe you don’t know who Brian Keith Voiles is. But he is absolutely one of the very, very best copywriters on the planet. And he certainly is the very best teacher of copywriting on the planet – no one can take a complex topic like copywriting and turn it into simple, “1,2,3” step-by-step system like Brian can.

Brian is not only a great copywriter and teacher…but he’s also the copywriter that many of the marketing gurus have secretly turned to, time and time again over the past 15 years.

Brian has written copy for:

  • Gary Halbert (who bills himself as “The World’s Greatest Copywriter”)
  • Ted Nicholas – Direct Marketing Legend
  • Jay Abraham – Modern Day Direct Marketing Genius
  • Yanik Silver – Internet Marketing Expert
  • Kirt Christensen – Web Business Buying Expert
  • And me!…Terry Dean!

In fact, Brian’s course, “Advertising Magic: The Complete Guide to Creating Hot Ads and Sales Letters That Work” is directly responsible for more peoples’ online and offline success than any other program ever created! (That tells you how important copywriting is!)

Beyond all the accolades, Brian is one heck of a guy…very down-to-earth and very honest in every way… and he cuts no slack in telling you like it is if your copy stinks!

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  • What had the biggest influence in turning you into such a powerful copywriter?
  • What are a few of the most common mistakes people make when they first start writing ads?
  • Tell me about the “emotion” of the ad copy and how to keep that balanced from getting into hype?

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  • Tell me a little about “power words” – how they should be used and how they can be overused.
  • What’s the difference between a good copywriter and a great copywriter?

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  • What do you see most “middle-level” copywriters needing to work on the most to improve?
  • How do you get prepared to write an ad (what is going on in your head)?

His Answer to This Question is Like Finding a Treasure Trove of Copy
Secrets!…Sheesh – this Guy Is a Lot Deeper Than I Thought!

  • Can you tell me a little bit about the process you go through while writing the ad?
  • Can you just hire all this out and forget about it?

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