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“Discover the Incredible Traffic-Generation Power of Internet Joint Ventures, How to Find Them, Set Them Up, and Profit From Them Consistently – Month In, Month Out!”

Terry Dean & Rocky

My powerful Joint Venture methods guarantees you a flood of qualified traffic to your site – and it’s the quickest way to bolster your customer list and increase your profits I’ve ever come across. In fact you probably wouldn’t even know me today if it weren’t for the dozens of Joint Ventures I’ve done on the Internet.”

But doing Joint Ventures on the Internet has its quirks – and learning to do them right can means lots of hard knocks, mistakes, and a steep learning curve. I’ve gone through it all for you… so now you can tap into my experience and learn how to do it right!”

“You’re Guaranteed Success… or You Get Your Money Back!

Dear Internet Marketing Friend Seeking Massive Success,

There’s no doubt about it.

If you asked me, “Terry… if you could only do one marketing strategy on the Internet, what ONE marketing strategy would you choose?” Without a doubt, I would reply:

Joint Ventures!

Joint Ventures are perhaps the most lucrative marketing tactic ever invented – especially on the Internet. But Joint Venturing on the Internet is also very misunderstood.

In its simplest terms, Joint Venturing means that two different businesses (with customers who have the same sort of interests) team-up.

One business provides the product for sale, the sales message, and the product delivery.

The other business provides a recommendation about the other business’ product… and provides the list of prospects to make the product offer to.

There are at least a zillion reasons you should be doing Joint Ventures:

  • You’ll Multiply the Size of Your Prospect (and Customer) List In No Time Flat! The right joint venture will add hundreds of qualified “opt in” prospects to your database within minutes!
  • Leverage the Value of Your Joint Venture Partner’s Good Reputation! If you pick the right Joint Venture partner, you’ll gain instant credibility with their customers and prospects! And they’ll transfer their good feelings about his name to you! (I’ll show you how to pick the “right” Joint Venture Partner!)
  • Guarantee Your Sales Message Gets Read! Your Joint Venture has already built the trust with his customer and prospect base. Because they trust his endorsement of what you’re selling, you know your sales message will get read!
  • Joint Ventures Have Practically No Costs! If you do them the way I teach you, you’ll find that any Joint Venture traffic you get will cost you nothing! You won't need to spend a cent! Just combine a little ambition with my nothing’s-left-out advice, and you’re on your way to profiting from other people’s traffic via Joint Ventures!
  • No Wasting Your Time Trying to Get the Wrong Traffic! Hey, even with all I know about Internet marketing, it's not easy getting the right kind of traffic to my web site! Joint Ventures always bring the highest quality traffic you could ever hope for. And “highest quality” means just one thing: highest profits!

In short, there are dozens and dozens of ways that Joint Venture marketing on the Internet can help you use other people’s traffic to flood your web site with qualified, ready-to-buy visitors.

And if you’re just getting starting to build a business on the Internet – Joint Venture marketing couldn’t be more important, because: don’t need to be a well known expert! don’t need a high-traffic website!

…you don’t need to already have large mailing list!

...and you don’t need to have any money for the Joint Venture!

Chances are, there’s nothing more profitable that you could do for your Internet business than to arrange the “right” Joint Ventures with the “right” Joint Venture partners.

Now You Can Learn How A Little, One Man Internet Business Has Used Joint Venturing Over And Over Again To Sell Tons Of Products and Generate Huge Profits Fast With ZERO Ad Cost…

Do your research online. Compare me to the competition. Ask around. See if any other online marketer has the same spotless reputation for personal help and caring about their customers I have. If you'd like to see how well known I am (over 200,000 references) compared to other top Internet gurus, go to this Google search page and compare the name "Terry Dean" with any other top guru.

Here is just a little proof that I know exactly what I'm talking about online...

I'm the only Internet marketer who has ever been bold enough to send out an email to my opt-in list while standing in front of a live audience of over 100 people. Others haven't been willing to do it because they're afraid of whether their system works when put on the spot.

My most recent "live email demo" produced $96,250.00 in sales during the weekend...

Terry, what you did at the Internet seminar in Jacksonville was absolutely incredible. Twice now I've seen you make an offer to your newsletter subscribers and each time you made over $30,000 but this last time, $96,250! WOW!

You know, its one thing to tell people your making money online and I see many people who claim to make a lot of money online.
It's a whole different ball game to be able to go before a crowd, send an offer and actually "show" everyone not only that you can do it, but to teach them how they can do it as well. $96,250 in 72 hours!

Watching you got me so pumped and excited that I immediately implemented several new ideas I learned from you and we are already generating more profits for our business.

Another thing that really impressed me is the fact that you cut off your
orders. You told your subscribers you were only taking a limited number of orders. No matter how much the crowd wanted you to keep going and break that $100,000 mark, you did what you said you would do and stopped the sales. I know because I went online to check your product and it wasn't there anymore.

Terry, watching you generate $96,250 in person from one email was
something I'll never forget. Thanks for sharing the experience and for
sharing your knowledge.

Steve Duce
Internet Marketing Manager for Global Publishing

My highest traffic personal web site is currently Netbreakthroughs and it is ranked at 2,081 in overall sites on the Internet. Yahoo is ranked #1 in traffic...and my little home business is ranked 2,081 way ahead of MAJOR mega-corporations with millions in ad spending.

Here is my processing statement from iBill showing I earned $332,945.55 from them in one year from just ONE of my web sites...(this is one of 12 different web sites currently selling products for me).

Here is a bank statement for the month of February showing $92,601.66 in deposits. And remember I do this business with no staff...just my wife and I.

Here are a few of the results my customers have achieved from my products in the past...

"Six years ago I was waiting tables for a living. Then Terry got me started in my own Internet business. Within 9 months I was earning a full-time living online. My income has increased every year since then. It's now been six years and my 100% Internet only business will bring in $2,500,000 this year alone! And I don't carry any inventory and don't have to ship a single product. It's all done for me. If you want to change your life, then he is the one to listen to."
Sean Page - (web site address withheld by request)

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Eric Stewart -

"Terry Dean's protege class taught me how to write a sales letter for my ebook that's averaging a 6.2% conversion rate, set up joint ventures, which has led to several ongoing partnerships, my being featured in ebooks and in interview series, more exposure, more opportunities... the complete snowball effect. And write and submit articles, leading to free publicity, book reviews, more joint ventures...and more sales. Most of the business opportunity crap out there is a waste of time and money. I recommend Terry's program to anyone who wants to learn how to really make money on the Net."
Sharon Fling -

"What am I really going to learn from him that I haven't already heard about from gurus like Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Yanik Silver and Corey Rudl?" The answer is: a lot of stuff. One strategy alone made me over $10,000 within the first three months I used it."
Bill Harrison -

"Terry - your information has blown my mind - and I'm as skeptical as they
come. I don't have any choice but to follow your advice in the future,
because your advice has brought in over $30,000 in cold, hard cash to me in the last two months. THANK YOU!"

Bryan Ellis -

"As a result of applying what Terry teaches on his Netbreakthroughs site, I've earned over $220,000.00 in 2001. I've also gotten Radio Interviews, TV infomercial time and am now considered a "Guru" myself because I've learned so much from Terry."
Brian Garvin -

"I have purchased quite a few of your courses---they really are the best available on the Net, and believe me, I know. Following your instructions, my son wrote a digital book and started selling it on his web site. He has made more than $14,000 in four months. The orders keep rolling in, day and night. Not bad for his very first effort ... and he is 17 years old!"
Hakim Chishti -

"Terry Dean has taught me a tremendous amount over the three years I've known him. I swear every time I talk to Terry he comes up with a multi-thousand dollar idea for me!"
Mark Wittkowski, President,

"I quit my job within just a few short weeks of getting your course and now I work from my home, earning a very nice living online. I bet you're not surprised. All those years I spent dabbling and experimenting...I knew there was a way to earn a substantial income doing something that I love, and you showed me how to do it. And so, even though you may not know me all that well, there are thousands of customers all around the world who do."
Jimmy Brown -

And just recently I spent almost 4 hours explaining every single technique and strategy I use to build my web site traffic and online business using FREE joint ventures…

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This new program is the most complete, in-depth program on Joint Venture marketing on the Internet. On these tapes, master interviewer of over 200 experts, Fred Gleeck practically sucks my brain dry of all the best information on how to create massive traffic and build your Internet business with Joint Venture marketing.

Fred has helped dozens of entrepreneurs like me put together information products – and on these tapes he really digs down to the meat ‘n potatoes of the Joint Venture topic.

Even if you know a bit about Joint Ventures – Fred’s casual, but insistent interview style uncovers the answer to all the questions you’ll have about doing profitable Joint Ventures on the Internet:

  • “How do I find potential Joint Ventures?”
  • “How can I tell if a potential Joint Venture partner is a worthwhile find?”
  • “What’s the best way to approach a potential Joint Venture prospect?”
  • “How do I negotiate a win-win Joint Venture contract?”
  • “How much of the money should I get, and how much should I give to my Joint Venture partner?"
  • “Who should be doing what?”
  • “How does the income and expenses get split?”
  • “Who should own the product?”
  • “Are there any licensing arrangements?”
  • “How can I do a Joint Venture if I don’t have a product?”
  • “What are the mistakes to avoid?”
  • “How do I protect myself from getting ripped off by a potential Joint Venture partner?"

These questions and more are answered in detail, with crystal clear examples from my real world experience of doing over 100 Joint Ventures in the last 6 years.

You’ll tap into my experience and learn every trick, tool and technique I use to create win-win Joint Ventures on a consistent basis. No stone will be left unturned!

How to Get Millions of Free Visitors to Your Web Site Using Joint Ventures” is guaranteed to help you create profitable Joint Ventures right from the get-go…

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Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll discover from this in-depth audio course:

bullet How to quickly locate as many top-quality online and offline Joint Venture prospects as you’ll ever need!
bullet How to easily get these JV prospects to gladly team-up with you and start selling for you fast!
bullet When you should even consider giving your Joint Venture partner 70% or even 100% of your profits!…(and how you’ll still come out on top in the deal!)
bullet 3 time-tested ways to make other Internet business owners with huge targeted email lists jump at the chance to sell your product and bring you massive profits practically overnight!
bullet How to capture the email address and follow up with any prospect that visits your web site through any one of your Joint Venture promotions… (remember – building your prospect list means bigger and better Joint Ventures down the road!)
bullet The beginning of tape one is chock-full of successful joint venture stories and how you can (and should) model them to the “T” for maximal results!
bullet How to eliminate the biggest mistake you can make before you do any joint venture!
bullet Why having thousands and thousands of visitors isn’t always the answer to your prayers (and what to do to make sure it IS once it happens!)
bullet There are only two reasons to set-up a web site – know which reason yours is and you’ll profit like mad with your joint venture partners!
bullet Why most web sites confuse potential customers, and how you can make sure your prospects are never confused!
bullet The difference between an advertisement and your web site (and why it’s important to any Joint Venture you do)!
bullet The 7 key success principles that your web site must adhere to before you pursue any joint venture! (Miss just one of them and your potential joint venture partners will laugh in your face!)
bullet Why you must know that your web site can (and does) make money before you even bother to find a joint venture partner. (AND...about 12 different ways you can test it!...these simple tests will give you the power to strike-up profitable deals with the largest joint venture partners in your industry!)
bullet The key factors that will make the largest (and most profitable) Joint Venture partners in your industry line-up and beg you to do business with them!
bullet Why “cost per sale”, “profit per visitor”, and “closing ratio” are critical when it comes to attracting the highest quality joint venture partners you can find.
bullet The “Test Dummy” syndrome and why it will kill your chances for a joint venture with anyone!
bullet How to make your joint venture so irresistible that it is practically impossible for your potential partners to turn you down.
bullet Powerful ways you can find joint venture partners without breaking a sweat. It’s so easy to find folks who are interested in working with you on these projects – IF you know where to look. I'll tell you the software tools you need to use on the Internet to find the very sweetest Joint Venture partners possible!
bullet How you can test whether or not you should even bother to do a joint venture with someone that approaches you with a JV offer. (This’ll tell you tons about what your ideal JV partners are expecting from you!)
bullet How to test and prove your web site is a selling-machine before you waste your time attempting a joint venture with your best joint venture prospects!
bullet How using e-zines can increase the profitability of every joint venture you do!
bullet How pay-per-click search engines will help you make sure your joint ventures are a success (and how to ethically milk them for all they’re worth!)
bullet The “black hole” of internet marketing, and how it can suck all your time away from profitable joint ventures if you let it!
bullet Doing email marketing “right” – and the resources you need to pull it off.

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Joint Venture deals are so sweet.

Your downside risk is usually nothing more than the time it takes to put the deal together and create the copy – but the right Joint Venture will yield thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars in immediate sales. And beyond that:

You’re Building Your Customer and Prospect Database!

The Long Term Benefits of Joint Venture Marketing Are
Staggering Because Once That Customer Becomes “Yours”
You’ll Profit For The Rest of Their Life as Your Customer!

How to Get Millions of Free Visitors to Your Web Site Using Joint Ventures” is your complete, step-by-step tour guide to creating Joint Ventures that sky-rocket your traffic, grow your business, and build your wealth!

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  • You get almost four hours of audio in word-for-word transcript format, jam-packed with every little nugget I know about Joint Venture marketing on the Internet!
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You’ll never wonder what to say with these templates on-hand! They’ll work for most any occasion when trying to find Joint Venture partners. They work!… and they’ll save you hours!


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Don’t be fooled by this simple, 2-page form!… it is responsible for making me thousands and thousands of “extra” dollars! I call it my “idea starter”. You’ll use it to see who you should target for your Joint Ventures on one side of the page. Then you’ll flip it over and see the different types of Joint Ventures you can do! This is a really handy form that will make you a lot of money!


You will absolutely LOVE these videos!… you get 5 separate videos in "Flash" format that you can watch in any browser, on any computer.

These videos are of me, showing you exactly how to setup the tracking of your Joint Ventures - I'll show you what software to use, and how to use it. Plus, I've got some special software you can use to make finding Joint Venture partners a breeze!… you'll see how to use the software to find the best Joint Ventures!

And on top of all that, I'll show you how to find every site that's linking to your competitors! (And you'll get my inside tips on how to "convert" those links into your own Joint Venture Partners - and get them to link to you, too!)

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Terry Dean

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