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Bryan Kumar's Bio


Bryan Kumar has been teaching others how to profit from the Internet quickly and easily, using informational products, since 1996. He was also one of the first to write a manual on "Permission Email Marketing Strategies" - a subject that was rarely being touched by other marketers at the time. His ebooks and reports have received rave reviews from some of the best marketing minds online. He is the owner/webmaster of about-secrets.com and several other sites.

Bryan is best known for taking the most powerful marketing strategies and concepts, and simplifying them so it's quick and easy to implement. He believes that by automating, systemizing and multiplying your business, you can reach your goals a lot sooner, much more cost effectively, and with considerably less effort.

Bryan is currently a full-time online marketer and information publisher, working out of his home office, in sunny California.


What Others Say About Bryan Kumar and His Products...


"I trust him without reservation. If something happened to me I would trust him with all my servers, lists and order databases without any hesitation at all."

Allen Says,
Internet Marketing Warriors


"Bryan has an excellent grasp of advanced marketing concepts, as well as real-life knowledge of how to put those practices into action.

Additionally, I have purchased several of his products, and have found them to be well written, easy to understand, and helpful. Great stuff!"

Jonathan Mizel,
Cyberwave Media


"Bryan is a brilliant internet marketer and prolific writer. His marketing wisdom, success advice and products are VERY generous in what he shares with readers.

His products have all the information you need to drive your bank teller crazy this year!"

Jack Humphrey


Dearest Bryan,

This ebook was simply the "icing on the cake". I have been meaning to write you for a long time, because you stand out so vividly among all the ezine writers and promoters I am subscribed to in a hugely wonderful way.

You don't ever push people. You provide wayyyyy more than you ever ask of anyone. You give away quality products, ebooks, reports, and of yourself.

You are amazing. That's pretty much my impression!

I read your ebook cover to cover, and some parts of it could have been written by me, the heartbreak parts.... they hit "home" so closely. FINALLY, after struggling online for nearing two years, and having financial problems I don't want to even discuss because it just draws more unto itself, someone MADE SENSE. That someone is YOU, Bryan. I love you for it! Success Secrets pdf is a godsend to put it mildly.

Thank you from the depths of my soul,

Donna Maher RN/Webmaster


"Hi Bryan,

Remember, if you ever need a testimonial for your products, ethics, or services, you just send them to me, and I'll give you a testimonial that'll knock their socks off.

It's a pleasure to give a testimonial for someone of your integrity."

Teresa King


"Bryan has always given me support and encouragement whenever I needed it, the opportunity to brainstorm ideas I wouldn't trust with anyone else, and most importantly, his honesty. I can always count on that! The best part is, he makes everything so much fun - it never feels like 'work' when Bryan is involved!"

Carmen Maranon,


Bryan is quite clearly one of the most giving, sincere and smartest online marketers around, and anyone who has the pleasure of corresponding with him will attest to that 110%.

I'm not saying this because he's a great friend, but because he has proven himself time and again, both through his personal professionalism and also his top-notch, undisputed quality content products. Bryan's a veteran Internet Marketing/Niche Marketing expert who is widely respected... need I say more?

Ewen Chia


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